BREAKING: Trump Lands In Louisiana…Gets Shocking Surprise

As Conservative Tribune reported:

The flood that rocked Louisiana has been devastating, but when Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump landed there to show support to victims, he got a surprise himself.

Excited supporters were lined up ready to greet him. Many fans took video of the visit, and some became emotional just because of his presence.

One woman exclaimed to Donald Trump: “We knew you’d be here! We knew you’d be here for us!” Another supporter asked if Trump would “take pictures with us.”

You can watch the greeting he received here:

Another man teared up seeing Trump touch down to show support to the flood victims.

“Without America getting behind Donald Trump, we gonna lose, and we gonna losing bigger than this flood ever did,” he said. The man’s emotion was a reminder of just how important Donald Trump’s message truly is.

Donald Trump did more than just greet fans; he helped pass out supplies to those affected by the devastation caused by the flooding.

He even took time to sign hats for his supporters.

Trump’s presidential behavior was something that should be emulated. His supporters were thrilled and comforted to see him there — particularly given the fact that President Barack Obama couldn’t even be bothered to cut his vacation short to do his job in Louisiana.

And Hillary Clinton apparently wasn’t interested in visiting the deep red state, either. Wonder why?

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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