BREAKING – Trump LANDSLIDES New York! But Here is What Media WON’T Tell You

The people of New York did not let us down today. This, patriots, is what we need to continue to see.

Donald Trump obliterated his competition today, but the real story is how this now sets him up for the primaries next week as well as the thin schedule moving forward in May.

The only question now remaining is if Cruz or Kasich will get any delegates at all out of the state.

Both of these candidates will sell this loss as Trump did the expected and won his home state. However, neither of those candidates won their home state in the same fashion as Trump.

As I have hinted at prior, this massive win by Trump will all but erase the loss he had in Wisconsin.

This is going to rock the Cruz campaign moving forward. If Cruz cannot with any states in the northeast, he will have no shot at winning the general election.

Cruz will more than likely take third place tonight and you simply cannot have a serious candidate in the presidential election take third place in a major state such as New York.

Now we need Trump to have the same performance next week and it could all be over. The turnout tonight was spectacular, and if we can do the same thing in all five states next week, Cruz supporters will be shaken.

The media and Cruz himself can sell whatever they want, but he will have no chance of winning and his people will know it.

What we need to do now is ensure Trump gets the outright nod because we cannot chance having to deal with the establishment at a contested convention.

Trump has added some serious players to his campaign that will help him better understand the process and help him as we move forward. These moves have Cruz in pure panic because he knows the end is near.

If we can continue to the momentum, Cruz is dead in the water, period. So, if you are in one of the upcoming states, continue to spread the word and make sure everyone gets out there to pull that handle for Trump!

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