BREAKING: Trump Makes History… Announces This “All Time Record”

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has done it, as Associate Press reported Thursday morning that he had surpassed the necessary 1,237 delegates needed to be the GOP nominee for president.

This despite countless predictions from so-called experts, pollsters and political pundits who repeatedly declared that Trump would never win a single state, much less the nomination of the party — not to mention the concerted opposition he faced from within the GOP itself.

But Trump has defied the pundits and predictions and #NeverTrumpers, encouraging disillusioned Republicans to get out and vote and bringing in significant numbers of equally disillusioned Democrats and independents who have grown tired of the two major party establishments.

In doing so, Trump also played a major role in setting the all-time record for the number of votes cast in a GOP primary as well as the most primary votes received by a single GOP candidate.

Very few people took Trump seriously when he announced his candidacy, but he has proven over the past several months that he is indeed serious about becoming president and doing what he can to return America to the great stature it once enjoyed.

Even as it began to become apparent that Trump’s candidacy was no joke, many still dismissed him as being unable to secure the nomination, figuring that despite his packed-house rallies and increasingly large vote totals, he would still be denied the nomination during a contested convention in the summer.

The odds of that happening now are next to nothing, as he has now secured enough delegates for the nomination even before all of the states have held their primary elections.

Now we await only the formality of July’s GOP convention in Cleveland to officially name Trump as the nominee, dropping the “presumptive” from the introductory title.

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