BREAKING: Trump Makes Massive Announcement About Henry Kissinger… This Changes Everything

A senior aide for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump announced this week that the presidential candidate intended to meet with heavyweight foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger on Wednesday.

According to The Washington Post, the potential implications of this meeting were huge.

During his tenure as national security advisor under former President Richard Nixon and secretary of state for both former presidents Nixon and Gerald Ford, Kissinger soothed diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and helped bring an end to the American intervention in Vietnam.

His record of accomplishments runs as deep as the Grand Canyon, as did his potential to dramatically boost Trump’s image and show him as someone serious about foreign policy.

Moreover, a meeting between the two would also demonstrate the candidate’s willingness to build relationships with longtime GOP elders.

Meeting with Kissinger is in fact considered a “right of passage” for any presidential nominee, according to The Post, which added that even Sarah Palin met with him back in 2008 when she ran for vice president.

So far, Trump has admittedly not said that much about foreign policy, save for when he delivered his first-ever foreign policy speech in late April. He used that particular speech to frame his policy around the concept of “America First.”

“I would like to talk today about how to develop a new foreign policy direction for our country — one that replaces randomness with purpose, ideology with strategy, and chaos with peace,” he said at the time. “It is time to shake the rust off of America’s foreign policy. It’s time to invite new voices and new visions into the fold.”

Those words earned critical acclaim from GOP heavyweights like Newt Gingrich, but it also inspired some backlash from Trump’s detractors, who accused him of isolationism.

Perhaps the presumptive nominee’s meeting with Kissinger will once and for all shut them up — but probably not.


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