BREAKING – Trump Makes ‘Scandalous’ Announcement About First Debate, Media Shocked’

I have said for weeks that Donald Trump is going to do something that will set Hillary Clinton off during the debate, and that “something” was just announced by Donald Trump.

In a very mischievious move, Donald Trump has invited Gennifer Flowers to attend the debate as his guest. She not only accepted, but she will be sitting in the front row!

Hillary is already having health problems, but this may put her in her grave!

Flowers first came to fame in 1992 when Bill Clinton was running for President.

She chose that moment to tell the world she and Bill had been running around behind Hillary’s back for some 12 years.

Clinton, of course, strongly denied the allegations on “60 Minutes” and stood his ground.

Flowers did not give up, though, and appeared on “The Richard Bey Show” to give some gory details, and then the show was immediately cancelled by his network.

Then, in 1998, after more allegations were levied against Clinton by Kathleen Willey, Bill finally admitted that he did in fact have a relationship with Flowers, but said it was only one time, not the dozen years Flowers claimed.

Trump no doubt wants her front and center for two reasons:

The first being to completely unnerve Hillary. I can only imagine the anger that is going to be pulsing through her veins as she stares out into the audience.

Second, he wants Bill’s infidelity, Hillary’s involvement in the cover ups, and most importantly, proof positive of Hillary’s bad judgement.

Liberals are going to spin this 7 ways to Sunday, but who cares. They will call it a classless move and say Trump is bullying a woman, but that is far from the truth.

All he really is doing is inviting a friend to the debate that also happens to remind America that the Democrat presidential candidate happens to be married to a serial philanderer and rapist.

This is a knockout blow, patriots, and seeing Hillary’s face when she walks out on that stage is well worth the price of admission.

I have just one question, though… If Gennifer is in the front row, where is Bill going to sit?!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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