BREAKING: Trump Picks Up Another Game-Changing Endorsement

The endorsements keep rolling in for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, and the most recent one should turn a lot of heads — not to mention kick up a little dust with staunch conservatives.

On Friday, South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy said in an interview on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press Daily” that he unequivocally endorsed Trump.

This may comes as something of a surprise to many, considering Trump hasn’t always seen eye-to-eye with the lawmaker. In fact, Trump said Gowdy failed during the Benghazi investigation and effectively let Democrat rival Hillary Clinton get away with murder.

(It should be noted that the House investigation into Benghazi and Clinton’s role in the 2012 terror attacks isn’t complete.)

Gowdy, however, seemed willing to put all of that behind him and fully support Trump for the sake of the country and the Republican Party. In fact, he seemed to have no qualms about the matter.

Earlier in the year, Gowdy announced his support for Sen. Marco Rubio, but had also said that he would support whomever the Republican nominee turned out to be.

“I was a Rubio guy and Marco lost, but I will enthusiastically support the Republican nominee,” he said. “I endorse Donald Trump.”

“If Marco had won I would have expected the Cruz supporters and the Kasich supports and the Trump supporters to support my guy,” the lawmaker said.

“My guy lost,” Gowdy said. “When the jury speaks, I’m going to support the jury.”

Gowdy has asked conservatives to follow his lead and support the nominee in an effort to undo all the damage President Barack Obama and his administration have done.

Gowdy’s endorsement will certainly give Trump a boost and should help him win over some ideological conservatives, constitutionalists and those still on the fence about putting their support behind the New York businessman.

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