BREAKING: Trump Set To Utterly DESTROY Hillary In Massive Speech

Donald Trump is preparing to destroy Crooked Hillary Clinton in a speech many are saying could be the most important one Trump has given so far this campaign season.

Trump announced on Twitter yesterday that he was preparing a major address to blow the lid off of the former secretary of state’s crimes and misdemeanors.

The speech will be held at Trump SoHo in New York City at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

“I will be making a big speech tomorrow to discuss the failed policies and bad judgment of Crooked Hillary Clinton,” Trump tweeted.

The media circus also seemed to think of this a major address, as evinced by numerous tweets about it.

If anyone were to catalog all of Hillary Clinton’s failed policies and bad judgement, the speech would more closely resemble one of those six-hour harangues that Fidel Castro used to give in his youth. However, given the events of the past couple of weeks, we can safely speculate on some of the things that Trump will be talking about.

There is, of course, the Clinton Foundation, the “charity” (read: slush fund) that has been run by the Clintons ever since Slick Willy departed the District of Columbia in January of 2001. While the foundation is ostensibly supposed to be building up the developing world and promoting world peace, or whatever gobbledygook the foundation claims, it spends only about 10 percent of the money collected on actual charity.

And the money comes from rather shady places, too. The Saudi government, for instance, is a major donor. So is Qatar, home of Al Jazeera. Kazakhstan became a donor just after a Clinton associate got a major mining contract in the country.

Even individual donors got something out of it. One donor, a securities trader, was actually put on a State Department nuclear weapon advisory board despite having no actual experience in defense, nuclear technology or world politics. Heck, if only he’d given a little more money, maybe he could have gotten our nuclear codes.

And then there’s the Benghazi attacks. Four people died in September, 2012, because Hillary Clinton refused to send in backup for our security forces at the U.S. diplomatic mission and nearby CIA annex.

Then there’s Libya, where Hillary refused the Gaddafi family’s overtures for a peaceful abdication, leading to chaos and a power vacuum in one of North Africa’s largest countries.

And then there’s Whitewater. And rumors of insider cattle futures trading. And Hillarycare. And Travelgate. And the “bimbo eruptions.”

And that’s all without even mentioning the one thing she might actually be indicted for — her illegal email server which contained thousands of classified emails and might have been hacked into by foreign intelligence services.

I hope The Donald is well rested. It’s going to be a long speech.

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