BREAKING: Trump ‘Sexual Assault Victim’ Is a Proven FRAUD…

In case you missed it, The New York Times released a hit piece on Donald Trump just hours agolast night about a Trump rape accuser that turns out to be a total fake.

From Gateway Pundit:

In their article a woman says she was groped by Donald Trump. In his 70 years of being in the media spotlight Donald Trump HAS NEVER been accused of groping or assaulting a woman. But their candidate Hillary needs some assistance.

So The New York Times ran with the hit piece, anyway. Too bad they got punked.

The woman in their story, Jessica Leeds, fed the New York Time lines from a Velvet Underground song…


Also, It turns out Jessica Leeds is tied directly to the Clinton Foundation…


Not to mention, ALL armrests on airplanes in the 80s were not liftable and Trump’s rape accuser said Trump lifted the armrest and groped her.


This NY Times hit piece on Trump is a total fraud and it appears to be tied directly to Hillary via the Clinton Foundation. You shouldn’t be surprised, though. Hillary is in panic mode with the momentum Trump is picking up with his campaign.

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