BREAKING: Trump Shatters All-Time GOP Record by Over 10%… And He’s Not Done Yet!

Donald Trump has now broken a record with his massive win in the state of Oregon on Tuesday.

Adding that victory to others throughout the country, Donald J. Trump has officially surpassed George W. Bush’s record for the most votes won by any Republican primary candidate in the party’s history.

Back in the 2000 primary, Bush set a new record with a final count of 10.8 million votes. Now, Donald Trump has beaten that record by over 10 percent, with 11.1 million votes so far this year — and there are still plenty more votes to come.

When all is said and done, Donald Trump will not just have beaten Bush’s record; he will have shattered it.


In contrast,  Donald J. Trump’s most likely general election opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, narrowly won in Kentucky and lost to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in Oregon. Kentucky was Hillary’s first primary win in almost a month, and she was only able to beat Sanders by less than 0.5 percent of the vote.

Sanders however, has crept up slowly in the delegate count with his win in Oregon and a string of wins over the last three weeks.

Hillary must finally be suffering the repercussions of her email scandal and her husband’s recently reported trips to “orgy island”. Her time to face the music may be right around the corner, and if not … she will have to face Donald Trump. That sounds like a lose-lose for her to us.

Trump now needs fewer than 90 delegates to win the Republican nomination for president, and after Sen. Ted Cruz suspended his campaign, this seems like a very easy task for the man who loves to win.

They said Trump could never make it. They doubted him from the start. Some still believe he will fail at the Republican National Convention.

However, all signs lead to Trump doing what he does best, and that is winning. He plans to take that strategy all the way to the White House.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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