BREAKING: Trump Stuns Everyone! He Just Got The News That’ll Win Him The Election

We have all seen the videos in which Hillary Clinton collapses in New York, right on the commemoration of the 9/11 victims. This, of course, brought more bad news for Hillary Clinton. The recent polls from CNN show that Trump further increased his lead and that she is slowly, but surely, losing the election.

VIA World News Politics

*** It’s getting ugly, folks.

She was at 72% on Friday but has since dropped two after calling half of Trump’s supporters “deplorables.” She called more than a quarter of this great nation racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic.

Then she fell. Hard.

Her campaign says that she is battling pneumonia.

After that, Clinton’s odds of winning fell from 70% to 65% on Sunday morning after her fainting fit outside the 9/11 memorial. Her campaign said that she was simply overheated but changed the story to say that she had pneumonia.

On Monday, she was at 58%, according to CNN’s poll carried out by a company called Pivit.

Trump’s odds of winning the president jumped from 28% on Friday to 42% on Monday.

Hillary Clinton is losing it. God works in mysterious ways. Hillary Clinton falls on the anniversary of the day that she killed 4 men in Benghazi. That’s some straight out of a Shakespeare play kind of irony. Like I’m talking literal, literal irony.


To make it worse, Trump is up 15 points over Clinton in the swing state of Utah today, according to a poll conducted by survey.

In all the latest polls, Donald Trump is owning Hillary. This is a clear sign that the American people want Trump for President and they are going to make him a President in November.

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