BREAKING – Trump’s New Campaign Theme Has Hillary SPITTING MAD, But I Love It!!

Donald Trump and his supporters are not going to be denied this election. Instead of fighting Hillary’s nasty attacks, he is owning it and flipping the script to create an even bigger buzz for his campaign.

Trump has embraced Hillary calling his supporters “deplorables” and even went so far as to enter a recent campaign event using “Les Miserables” as a play on the deplorables theme.

Donald Trump even commented on the controversy in Miami.

“My opponent slanders you as ‘deplorable’ and ‘irredeemable’ – boy that second word is tough,” he said on Friday evening. “You don’t hear that much. It means you can never come back.”

Besides the self-deprecating humor, this controversial comment has started to gain some legs elsewhere. One computer graphics expert posted some artwork on Reddit and was banned for a few hours because of his efforts.

He took a picture from the musical “Les Miserables” and changed the flag to American and showed an eagle soaring in the background with the heading “Les Deplorables” instead.

He was banned for almost a week after he published his meme on a right-wing blog called “The Conservative Treehouse” and told the press Reddit wouldn’t respond to his questions regarding just why they decided to ban him.

No matter, because he has already given Donald Trump’s campaign full permission to use the meme.

Hillary’s comments were truly a new low for her campaign, and now there are some serious questions we all should consider. First of all, how do you define deplorable?

Is someone who withdrew their support of Clinton because of her poor handling of Benghazi deplorable? Is someone who is tired of her scandals deplorable? Is my boss, who is tired of the permanent welfare class that Hillary espouses deplorable?

All I have to say is if restoring our country back to its former self and having someone with integrity in the White House makes us “deplorable” in Clinton’s eyes, then I am proud to use that term as well!

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