BREAKING: Truth About Trump U Judge’s FAMILY Leaks… This Is a Game Changer

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s feud with Judge Gonzalo Curiel over the Trump University lawsuits have gone viral the past few days, and now new evidence showed that Curiel’s parents may not be United States citizens.

Trump said he believed that Curiel was , as the judge’s parents came from Mexico and Trump has vowed to build a wall to keep out the illegal immigrants.

“He’s Mexican,” Trump told CNN by way of explanation. “We’re building a wall between here and Mexico.”

Now an investigation by has found no evidence that Curiel’s parents ever became U.S. citizens, even after entering the country multiple times.

According to the report, Curiel’s father was the first to come into the U.S., entering in 1923 at Nogales, Arizona.

“The family records were obtained by suggest that Curiel’s father first came to the country,” the report said. Both Curiel’s mother and father entered again in 1946.

His mother’s death certificate stated that she was a U.S. citizen by her death, but Johnson explained that death certificates can be highly unreliable.

Moreover, Salvador Curiel, Curiel’s father, may have died before ever becoming a U.S. citizen. Salvador died in 1964, and as Johnson explained, that was just a few weeks before the 1965 Immigration Act.

Despite all the controversy surrounding the Trump University case, Trump said that Curiel should be proud of his heritage.

“He’s proud of his heritage,” Trump said. “I respect him for that.”

Nevertheless, Trump has called for Curiel to step away from the case to let another judge handle it.

Whether or not Curiel’s race is a factor in his ultimate decision, Trump wants to make sure that his company is protected from prejudice and dishonesty.

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