BREAKING: Ultimate Bush Insider Drops Trump Bombshell… Bush Family in Disbelief

As President George H.W. Bush’s vice president between 1989 and 1993, Dan Quayle is the ultimate Bush family insider. Now, Quayle is doing something the Bush family has to hate — endorsing Donald Trump.

In an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show Thursday, Quayle said that he believed Trump can win in November.

“He’s a winner. He’s unusual. He’s obviously very different, he’s not going to play by the rules. It’s a different situation, but I think that he can win,” Quayle said.

Quayle also said that Trump may not have the experience that Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton has, but that he’s more qualified in an unusual way.

“On paper, you’d say, ‘Well, she’s more qualified.’ But you know what? He’s more qualified in the sense that the American people, I think, want an outsider,” Quayle said.

“They want an outsider this time. She is not an outsider, so if you’re looking for an outsider, no she’s not qualified and he is.”

Also, in a subtle dig at the Bush family — who have all refused to officially endorse Donald Trump as the nominee — he predicted that most of the #NeverTrump crowd in the GOP would eventually come around.

“I’ve been a Republican all my life, I’m going to support the nominee,” Quayle said “I predict that most people in my position, or people that have been in the Republican Party in a long time, will rally around the nominee.”

Quayle was considered a surprise pick when George H.W. Bush picked the second-term Indiana senator as his running mate in the 1988 presidential election. A staunch anti-communist and family values hawk, Quayle also made news for a number of gaffes.

He later attempted an unsuccessful run at the 2000 GOP presidential nomination, eventually won by George W. Bush — ironically, the son of his old boss.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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