BREAKING: US College Students Massacred By ISIS Terrorists ‘Killed Mercilessly’

The terrorist attack and hostage situation which lasted for 12 hours at a Bangladeshi restaurant and bakery is over. After more than 100 police commandos stormed the building, they killed six Islamic militants, captured one, and rescued 13 hostages, although several others are believed to have been kidnapped by escaping militants.

Police say of the nearly 30 mostly-foreign expatriates believed to have been dining in the restaurant before the attack and siege began, 20 have been killed, and seven are still missing and believed to have been taken prisoner by the Islamic militants.

Nine of those killed were Italians, seven were Japanese, and one was Indian. Another report indicates three Americans were killed and many of the 20 victims were beheaded. According to the source, the Americans are all university students, with two being Emory University students Abinta Kabir and Faraaz Hossain and one being Tarushi Jain from the University of California – Berkeley.

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