BREAKING: We’ve Found Out Who Leaked Trump Tapes… This Could Change Everything

The weasel is out of the bag and its name is Paul Ryan. Jack Posobiec, the Special Projects Director for Citizens For Trump, tells a tale of deception and betrayal of the most despicable kind, and  it revolves around a power play made by the vile filth, the rodent Rep Paul Ryan, a subhuman mongrel that has shamed the entire state of Wisconsin.

As it turns out, the video of Trump and Billy Bush that was leaked from unknown sources has been traced back to Ryan. The anti-Trump operatives never bothered to investigate the source, those on the networks, the GOP establishment and the Clinton campaign were just happy it had appeared and were delighting in the feeding frenzy intent on driving him out of the race.

Ryan’s little event in Wisconsin was to be the stage for him to feign his indignation and then dismiss Mr. Trump in unison with their fellow operatives such as Senator Mike Lee of Utah. When critical mass was reached they would use an unwitting and uninvolved Governor Mike Pence as the vehicle into which to attach themselves in Trump’s place.

Trump would be forced out, Pence would move to the top of the ticket and Paul Ryan would slide in. Clinton would still likely win, which is completely acceptable and the lesser of the two evils for the establishment whores in the GOP. They would then focus their efforts on picking up the globalist pieces with a Ryan/Rubio ticket for 2020.

Once again, according to Posobiec, those who targeted Mr. Trump underestimated him. They thought they could force him to quit, which he does not do. They also thought that Paul Ryan was equal in stature as a candidate to the man we all are demanding to be our next president.

This was a failed coup in no exaggeration of the terms. Now the participants are becoming fully exposed. There will be a price for them to pay.

H/T: Rick Wells

Listen to “[GUEST ONLY] Jack Posobiec/Cari Kelemen (10/11) “Explosive Revelation of GOP Coup Attempt!”” on Spreaker.

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