BREAKING: What Bill Clinton Just Admitted About Hillary will Have Her Locked Up For LIFE!

Bill Clinton is either totally senile or just plain hates his wife if he is willing to sell her down the river as bad as he just did.

The bumbling old horndog actually admitted that Hillary Clinton took bribes through the Clinton Foundation for political favors:

“It was natural for people who’ve been our political allies and personal friends to call and ask for things…it didn’t surprise me that people would call from time to time and maybe some of them gave money for that reason.”


If that is not an admission of guilt then my name is not Danny Gold.

And the real question is, how the hell were they not arrested right then and there? Are the Clintons really so far above the law?

This is just sick. And it all came during a special birthday party for Bill Clinton that cost guests $50,000 minimum to be allowed in!

You and I both know the mainstream media will do everything they can to hide this until AFTER the election. That’s why America needs US to get out and share this article to everyone! Please help your country.

H/T: Liberty Writers News

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