BREAKING: What is That On the Back of Hillary’s ‘Special’ Van?

Exactly how sick is Hillary Clinton? The voters would like to know, but she surely isn’t willing to tell us. A new viral photo, the second embarrassing image hoisted upon her campaign today alone, revealed what just might be a very telling image—one that puts all of her coughing fits and bizarre behavior into perspective.

A photo of Secret Service agents standing guard near a van with a wheelchair lift—with Hillary walking closely next to another handler of some type in the background—went viral earlier today.

The image was reportedly snapped outside of a campaign fundraiser hosted by Cher in North Haven, New York last week.

The photo originally appeared in a New York Times article about the fundraiser.

Some Hillary supporters have claimed the wheelchair in the van is present only for “Secret Service seating” purposes.

Such a stretch of the imagination might fool liberals, but it will not likely be embraced by We the People.

Hillary reportedly raked in a whopping $50 million over the course of 22 fundraising events during the last two weeks of August alone.

Too bad for Hillary she can’t buy her way out of her dismal honesty and integrity poll numbers or use the funds given to her by the liberal elites to stop the “sick Hillary” story from continuing to garner attention on a daily basis.

The number of memes questioning and mocking Clinton’s health now vastly outnumber the amount of time she has actually spent in front of either the voters or reporters.

The “sick Hillary” scandal is not going to go away.

Even the mainstream media are finally starting to talk about the topic—mostly blaming the viral news stories, images, and videos on crazed Trump supporters—but they are at least giving air time to a serious issue that would impact the entire country if she is ill and still gets elected.

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