BREAKING: Wife of Orlando Terrorist Admits She Didn’t Report Terror Plans

Breitbart News presents live coverage of the aftermath of the jihadist Omar Mateen’s massacre at Orlando’s Pulse night club. Two days after the largest terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, debates rage over immigration from Islamic-majority nations and expanded gun control.

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Top developments:

• FL Gov. Rick Scott: ‘Don’t send refugees into my state’
• Police under fire for three-hour wait before entering the building
BOMBSHELL REPORT: Mateen’s wife drove him to the club and was present when he bought guns, ammo… didn’t report to law enforcement but “tried to talk him out of it”
• Obama angrily mocks GOP criticizing him for failing to name ‘
radical Islam’ as the enemy
Report: Disney notified FBI that Mateen & wife may have been casing the location in April


1:06 PM — Guardian hot takes are not disappointing today:

In the aftermath of Orlando, hard-edged religious conservatives are facing a dilemma. How can they call for a redoubled assault on “radical Islam” without drawing attention to their own homophobic history?

1:02 PM — Police cancel Milo’s talk tonight thanks to Islamist threats.

12:53 PM — Updates from reporter with law enforcement source:

12:52 PM — Report: Mateen’s wife facing arrest.

12:51 PM — It’s like that SNL “Really!?!” Weekend Update bit, just by, um, the leader of the free world.

12:48 PM — CNBC, Fox contributors seeing past the NBC spin:

12:41 PM — Obama praising diversity of a graduating class of cadets.

12:40 PM — Obama says his critics are a threat to Constitutional liberties, the rule of law, etc.

12:37 PM — After a rabbit trail on gun control, Obama spends the lion’s share of his address attacking Donald Trump — first, the criticism of his refusal to say “radical Islam.” Now the proposal to halt immigration from Muslim nations.

Obama has gotten very sarcastic and snippy — called criticism of him “yappin’” and blasted “politicians who tweet and appear on cable news shows.”

Critics say “we can’t beat ISIL unless we call them ‘radical Islamists.’ What, exactly, would using this label accomplish?”

“Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away. This is a political distraction.”

Terror hawks want to make this “a war between Islam and America or between Islam and the West.”

12:28 PM — Obama’s update on the Orlando terror attack is a victory lap against the Islamic State. Says the jihadist network is “losing ground,” “on defense,” and “their morale is sinking.”

11:53 AM — AUDIO from Breitbart News Daily this morning:

Erik Prince: Trump Is Right, ‘There’s No Vetting’ of Syrian Refugees

Milo On Breitbart News Daily: Islam Has ‘Contempt And Loathing’ For Gays

11:52 AM — NBC’s spin already collapsing.

11:38 AM — Reporter asks doctors about the process of buying firearms. Top-notch journalism.

11:37 AM — RIP.

11:36 AM — Figures from hospital:

11:35 AM — NBC News is pushing the “tried to talk him out of it” talking point at the top of all their coverage.

That is not the story. The story is that she could have prevented the massacre by talking to law enforcement and she did not.

11:30 AM — NBC: Police considering filing charges against Mateen’s wife.

11:29 AM — Colon is asked whether he had seen Mateen before at the club and says that he had not personally.

11:27 AM — Video from Angel Colon’s remarks:

11:18 AM — And more.

11:16 AM — With three hours to bleed out, no one will be.

11:15 AM — Curiously omitted from this new detail: did she report him to authorities?

11:12 AM — Why isn’t this woman in jail?

11:10 AM — That figure of “202 rounds fired overall” just gets more and more implausible.

11:08 AM — Obama will be in Orlando Thursday to counter all the truth bombs dropped by Milo Yiannopoulos tonight.

11:04 AM — Doctor says staff encountered”full gamut” of gunshot wounds — high caliber, low caliber, extremities, abdomen. One odd note: some were from an angle indicating the victims were shot “from below.”

11:03 AM — Always with those mis-translations.

10:59 AM — Hospital staff says that victims were transported quickly thanks to their proximity but that meant workers did not have much time to prepare, and the facility was already a high-activity site. However, worker after worker who was not scheduled to work that night volunteered to show up and help.

10:58 AM — AP interview with Pulse regular: “He was trying to pick up men.”

10:46 AM — Survivor Angel Colon speaking at press conference says that Mateen was shooting bodies on the floor to confirm his kills. Says that miraculously, he was shot in the hand and the hip instead of the head.

<> on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

<> on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

10:40 AM — Another interview from the Washington Post. Survivor says the active shooting lasted “about an hour” and that she was “flipping out” at the police:

The men said that police arrived within minutes, and that the shooting lasted about an hour. Authorities said Mateen called 911 and the scene turned into a hostage negotiation.

As McCoy waited for word of her friends outside, she grew furious at the Orlando police.

“I was flipping out on the cops,” she said, telling them to go inside and rescue people who had been shot.

10:24 AM —

10:23 AM — They can’t spin it much.

10:22 AM — What.

Evidence is building from a variety of sources that Orlando jihadi Omar Mateen, who murdered 49 people at gay nightclub Pulse, was himself gay, or had “gay tendencies,” as his ex-wife put it. Strangely, the ex-wife claims FBI agents asked her not to share this detail with the media.

10:13 AM — A clearer picture of the night emerges — NYTimes interviews a survivor who played dead in the bathroom while Mateen carried out his rampage.

Orlando said he never looked Mr. Mateen in the eye, but recalled his calm voice. At one point, after noticing that some of the hostages in the bathroom were texting, the gunman ordered them to surrender their phones.

He spoke again, according to Orlando, asking the hostages, “Are you guys black?”

“He said, ‘I don’t have an issue with the blacks,’” Orlando said.

Early in the siege, the gunman called 911 to pledge his allegiance to the Islamic State, Chief Mina said.

“He was cool and calm when he was making those phone calls to us,” he said.

Orlando could hear the gunman speaking on the phone, presumably to the police. He spoke about how America should stop bombing the Islamic State.

“He got mad and hung up,” Orlando said. He never heard Mr. Mateen mention gay people — he spoke only about the Islamic State and Syria, and about the damage he still intended to do.

10:01 AM — Too many takes!

9:59 AM —

9:57 AM — Hottest take yet.

<> on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

<> on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

9:53 AM — Pretty damning report from NBC. Law enforcement experts say the three-hour police wait definitely led to more deaths.

The decision by law enforcement to hold off on entering the Pulse club — where more than 100 people were shot, 49 of them killed — immediately raised questions among experts in police tactics. They said the lessons learned from other mass shootings show that officers must get inside swiftly — even at great risk — to stop the threat and save lives.

“We live in a different world. And action beats inaction 100 percent of the time,” said Chris Grollnek, an expert on active-shooter tactics and a retired police officer and SWAT team member.

Grollnek, a consultant who conducts active-shooter training for law enforcement, said that’s another lesson from other mass shootings: Civilians can’t expect to stay safe by heeding the old advice to hide or shelter in place.

“The problem is we’re failing to evolve by learning the lesson that hiding does not work,” he said. “Running works. Everyone who escapes to tell their story says, ‘I ran away. I heard a noise on my left, and I went to my right and I got out.’”

9:45 AM — Response to the attack breaks a GoFundMe record:

A crowdfunding campaign to support the Orlando Pulse shooting victims and their families has pulled in more than $3 million.

The campaign is GoFundMe largest ever, dwarfing the previous record of just over $2 million. The charity site was started in 2010.

Equality Florida, the largest LGBT rights group in the state, posted the GoFundMe fundraisershortly after a gunman killed 49 people and injured dozens more at a gay club in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history Sunday morning. An earlier death toll of 50, released by officials, had included the gunman.

By Tuesday morning, more than 69,000 people had made contributions. That included a $100,000 donation from GoFundMe, which essentially waived its transaction fee.

9:39 AM — Rep. Michael McCaul frets that Trump may be recruiting terrorists with his scary rhetoric!

The proposed ban on Muslim immigrants had already been rejected by Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and the overwhelming majority of Republicans in Congress. But House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said again he wouldn’t support it, and that he had no interest in seeing it get a vote.

“You don’t ban somebody on race [or] religion,” McCarthy said. “I don’t see that coming to the floor.”


Hill Republicans expressed concern over everything from the tone of Trump’s remarks to their substantive impact.

“I think you have to be a little careful with the rhetoric,” Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said of Trump’s renewed call for a ban on Muslim immigrants. “You don’t want to inflame or help the recruiting efforts.”

9:36 AM — Catherine Herridge says on Fox News that James Comey, behind closed doors, more explicitly said that playing the Islamophobia card made the FBI back off its investigation of Mateen. Via the Daily Caller:

“At the end of 10 months the investigation was closed with no further action. They took Mateen’s statements he was trying to taunt his coworkers because he thought he was being marginalized because of his Muslim faith.”

9:24 AM — Oh.

9:22 AM — From Frances Martel: Video of the Univision reporter that went into Mateen’s house getting attacked by a giant cockroach and taking it in stride.

9:21 AM —

9:07 AM — Gov. Rick Scott: “Don’t send refugees into my state.”

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R), speaking near the scene of the slaying, said Tuesday that investigators were working diligently to sort out what happened and why. He said he had been focused on talking to victims’ family members. He did not offer any new details on the status of the investigation.

Scott also called for the federal government to share more information with their state counterparts in the wake of the shooting. While he did not specify how more sharing of information might have prevented the massacre, Scott said it was broadly important that federal officials share what they learn with local law enforcement — especially in immigration or refugee cases.

He referenced the recent attacks in Paris, noting that in the wake of those, he told the federal government, “Look, until you can tell me how you’re going to vet people, don’t send refugees into my state.”

9:03 AM —

8:52 AM — New left-wing narrative emerging.

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