BREAKING – WikiLeaks to Make HUGE Hillary Announcement on Tuesday – ‘Hillary is Done’

Tuesday could be a monumental day in American politics, and not because the VP candidates are squaring off on stage.

Wikileaks is scheduled to make a huge announcement about Hillary Clinton at some point on Tuesday, but that is only the beginning of the ever-twisting plot…

That tweet was sent out on Tuesday, giving Hillary a week to get her camp in order before Julian Assange nuked her.

Then, on Friday, suddenly the balcony announcement was cancelled due to security concerns…

We can only assume Assange did not want to be out in the open on a balcony giving Hillary’s snipers a clear shot to take him out.

Assange’s mistake was in giving Hillary a week to prepare and announcing a location where he would be.

Late Saturday night, Roger Stone confirmed the announcement was still taking place, but we have no idea how or where Assange will have the big reveal…

Julian Assange has said for months that he was going to have a massive October surprise that would obliterate this election, so we can only hope the big announcement, assuming Assange makes it to that day safely, is indeed his big leak.

Hillary has to be on pins and needles waiting for this bomb to drop.

Imagine sitting there looking into your closet of a thousand skeletons knowing any one of them can take you down.

Mr. Assange, we have about 48 hours until the big reveal… and I can’t wait!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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