Brilliant Video Torching ‘Precious Young Snowflakes’ BLOWS UP the Internet In Just Minutes

Hillary Clinton supporters are still mourning the loss of their failed candidate. Now, a viral video adequately captures their process of mourning.

A new comedic video from the Media Research Center entitled “Save the Snowflakes” mocks whiny millennial liberals for crying over Clinton’s loss saying, “We need your help to make sure these snowflakes never have to live in fear of being offended by facts and logic, opposing points of view, or triggering harmful things like proper pronouns or cultural Halloween costumes.”

The video hysterically portrays Clinton supporters as victims who are in need of donations for things like coloring books or Play-Doh to help them grieve after their crushing loss.

The video references the“safety pins,” which Clinton supporters were wearing on their shirt after the election to indicate they were “safe” to talk to.

This video matches some of the reactions by millennials after election day on the internet. We saw videos of girls crying, colleges canceling classes, and don’t forget the violent protesting and looting that they were also doing. Apparently if your a whiny liberal, you can break the law as long as you are upset.

This excessive crying was exacerbated by the liberal media narrative that Clinton supporters were scared and did not know how they were going to be treated under a Trump administration. Apparently, they have not heard that Republicans fully support equality for the LGBT community and simply want to improve the economy for all Americans.

Remember when Van Jones on CNN, reacted to Donald Trump’s election by saying that it was “white-lash.” Isn’t it ironic that the people who say they want to oppose racism thave become the biggest advocate for racist propaganda?

This is the typical reaction of the millennial college-age liberal trying to make their feelings the center of the universe. They have not joined reality or had responsibilities like the rest of us working-class Americans. The reality is, part of being an adult is getting along with people you disagree with.

Liberal colleges and other organizations do these crying millennials no favors by coddling them after the election. To do so only serves to remove these immature prepubescent children from reality even further. These kids will never be able to have rational discussions with people who disagree with them or live prosperously in America when their party is not in the political majority.

Conservatives had to take the loss when Barack Obama was elected, and none of our colleges shut down or gave us hot chocolate. You also did not see George Bush trying to undermine everything Barack Obama said or wanted to do.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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