Brutal Meme Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy on “Responsibility” and “Blame”


Leftists just can’t seem to get a grip on the concept of responsibility. It’s always someone else’s fault when something bad happens.

Or when people begin to tear down society, apparently it’s someone else’s fault aside from who is actually doing the destruction and protesting.

Via Robert Gehl:

You know the violence is bad when even leftists have to distance themselves from it.

Over the last week, Anti-Donald Trump rioters in California and elsewhere have been rampaging outside Donald Trump rallies, attacking bystanders and Trump supporters and police, throwing rocks at passing motorists, and smashing and trying to overturn police cars.

Most of the rioters – in California, especially – are “protesting” Trump’s anti-illegal immigrant rhetoric, where he wants to build a border wall and deport illegal immigrants.

So far, police in riot gear have arrested dozens of people.


An anti-Trump rioter pepper sprays into a crowd, hitting two little girls.

Despite this clear evidence, leftists still insist that Donald Trump and his supporters are responsible for the violence, The Daily Caller is reporting.

Media Matters and MoveOn, two of the largest liberal groups, are claiming their supporters are engaged in “peaceful demonstrations” and that they’re being attacked by Trump supporters. In an email begging for a $3 donation, MoveOn writes:

“Here’s the situation: Over the past few months, as Donald Trump has campaigned from city to city, MoveOn members have turned out for peaceful demonstrations against his carnival of hate,” the email continued. “In response, Trump attacked us in the media, calling MoveOn members ‘not a good group of people,’ while his media surrogates explicitly blamed MoveOn for violence he incited at his rallies.”

Media Matters piles on this fiction by calling the violent rioters “progressive activists.”

“There is only one person to blame for the chaotic and often violent nature of Trump rallies: Donald J. Trump,” the March 11 MoveOn statement charged. “This sort of violence does not happen at Sanders, Cruz, Clinton, Rubio, or Kasich events, despite the fact that there are often protests at their events.”

When they’re losing, the last refuge of leftists is to resort to violence. I expect to see more of this as time goes on.

On the ground, the violent “activists” don’t shy away from their actions. In California, 19-year-old Arianna Perez said the violence was necessary.

“We could be peaceful and do things different,” she said, “but if we did, we wouldn’t get our voice heard.”

19-year-old Daniel Lujan agreed.

“I knew this was going to happen,” Lujan added. “It was going to be a riot. He deserves what he gets.”

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