BURN: Immediately After Nomination Win, Hillary Gets Horrible News From Sanders

Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton reached the delegate threshold to secure the nomination on Monday, but unfortunately for her, she also happens to have a pile of bad news and hard work before her anyway.

That bad news came in the form of an new poll conducted by The Economist / YouGov that showed only 43 percent of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ backers planned to support Clinton in the general election. If that number were to become an actuality in November, she would lose by incredible margins.

The lengthy study showed that 32 percent of Sanders’ advocates will put their support behind a third-party candidate such as Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Either one of those candidates could effectively pull a Ross Perot on Clinton, giving Donald Trump the White House.

Speaking of Trump, others of Sanders’ crew — 18 percent, to be exact — planned to support the presumptive Republican nominee. While these voters are deemed as apostates of the Democrat Party, these socialist hipsters aren’t really tied to the party. Ideologically, they’re independents or they just align with largely unconsequential political groups like the Socialist Party.

This is where the hard work comes into play.

Is it possible that the former secretary of state can end her desperate adherence to the LGBT extremists and severe minorities? Can she appease to the ideals and values of Bernie Sanders’ young supporters? Can she build a winning campaign?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’d be gravely mistaken. The “Big Gay Hate Machine” and its corresponding social groups are the only thing Clinton’s got going for her. Sanders’ supporters desperately want a candidate who’s not a crook or a fraud — which Clinton embodies. Lastly, the socialists might not let Clinton make it out of the DNC alive.

So, next campaign stage for Clinton? Crashing and burning.

H/T Fox News

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