BUSTED! CNN Caught Framing Trump With THIS Nasty Lie

The mainstream media, also known as Hillary Clinton’s public relations team, kicked their efforts to help the career politician into high gear after the shocking FBI announcement on Friday. CNN engaged in some of the nastiest treachery in what amounts to the most blatant attempt ever to smear Donald J. Trump!

“If you go to university center, they’ll give you a new ballot, they’ll void your old ballot, in some places they do that four or five times, so by tomorrow, almost everyone will have their new ballots in,” CNN said Donald Trump stated during a rally in Colorado. The mainstream media outlet then critiqued what they had quoted the Republican as saying as an urging to vote multiple times.

CNN (or the Clinton News Network) attempted to cast Donald Trump a mega villain who was encouraging his supporters to cheat on Election Day. The “vote early, voter often” style mantra was not actually uttered by the GOP outsider, but millions of CNN viewers were led to believe it was. The problem is, they cut part of his quote out, and then treated that as fact!

In Colorado, registered voters automatically receive a ballot in the mail.

The voters can request a new ballot or vote in person if they prefer and do not mail in a completed absentee ballot, Mediate notes.

The network got it all wrong. Here is what Donald Trump actually said to the crowd at his Colorado rally:

“If you go to university center, they’ll give you a new ballot, they’ll void your old ballot. They’ll give you a new ballot, and you can go out and make sure it get’s in. Now in some places, they do that four or five times, but we don’t do that. So by tomorrow, almost everyone will have their new ballots in.”

When CNN realized they had grossly misquoted Trump, they only kind of retracted their initial coverage. The network put the full and accurate quote on their website and then added the following slam about the Republican’s views on potential voter fraud.

“Appearing to hint at the possibility of voter fraud in Colorado,” the updated post read when offering commentary on Trump’s statement. “A rare prospect Trump has continued to hammer on the stump.”

As per journalism protocol, back when there were actually standards in the industry, a bold heading reading: Retraction, would have been warranted. But the changes to the Trump quotes featured nothing of the sort.

Unless you had read the original piece, new what Donald Trump had really said, and then read the updated CNN piece, you would have no clue that a substantial error in reporting had been made.

The mainstream media bias is obvious to everyone – except the mainstream media, that is.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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