BUSTED: Cruz accepts $700k from org investigated for Federal Crimes

One of the best comments I have heard in this presidential campaign is that Ted and Heidi Cruz are the Jimmy and Tammy Faye Baker of the GOP.

About Ted Cruz’s 8 affairs, he blamed Donald Trump for this tabloid smear and it is revealed this was leaked by the Rubio campaign.

Ted (Holier than thou, hypocrite) and his wife Heidi, the self proclaimed face of Jesus in this presidential campaign started the campaign against Trump’s wife on March 8, 2016 as revealed by Neil Cavuto’s interview with a female Cruz operative, supporter and Texas based lobbyist, Andrea McWilliams. McWilliams points out Trump’s wife will be the first First Lady to pose nude, the first first lady to be a third wife and the first First Lady to be foreign born. Cavuto was astounded about this attack on Trump’s wife. I expect because of the comment about her being the first foreign born First Lady when Cruz would be the first foreign born president, if elected.

It was from this point that Liz Maier’s political action committee (PAC) named or labeled Make America Awesome based in Alexandria, VA. took its marching orders. This groups mission is to block and reverse Donald Trump’s political ascent. Their focus is to use unconventional and cost effective tactics with the objective of providing maximum donor value. This group was responsible for sending out controversial flyers smearing Melania Trump in upcoming primary / caucus states, most recently in Utah.

It is also revealed that smug, condescending, three time loser, sleep her way to the top, Carly Fiorino was involved in the campaign against Trump’s wife.

Cruz’ campaign may have been indirectly involved with the released nude modeling video of Trump’s wife in 2000. This video was released by a very small anti Trump, pro Cruz public relations / advertising / image branding consultant organization. Maybe this organization is not working for Cruz campaign directly, but the Cruz campaign and this group are part and parcel in an alliance with the anti Trump efforts being waged and Cruz and his campaign have jumped all over this smear campaign and attempted to clandestinely adapt and support this strategy rather than avoid going down into this into political sewer.

In return for the nude video released of Trump’s wife, and the flyers sent out by Mairr’s little PAC, Make America Awesome, Trump posted an unflattering photo of Cruz’ wife. Cruz then plays holier than thou saying his wife is off limits.

It was initially reported Ted engaged in sexual affairs with 5. Now 3 others came forward and the number is 8 affairs Ted. Now we know why Heidi was found in a highway median in Texas, late at night and being detained, arrested or assisted by a local law enforcement authorities resulting in a police incident report being written.

The National Enquirer is indeed a tabloid. However, they accurately revealed the tryst and affairs of Gary Hart, John Edwards, Jessie Jackson’s love child among others.

According to liberal Salon.com, Breitbart had the Cruz tryst stories tucked under their pillow and decided not to run it.

Anti Cruz operatives have pitched Cruz sex scandal stories for months to major news outlets such as WSJ, NYT, WP, Bloomberg, Political and ABC. All decided not to run with the rumors.

Breitbart News the notoriously Trump friendly conservative outlet was also pitched the Cruz extra marital story by a Rubio operative not affiliated with the Rubio campaign. Breitbart was shown a compilation of videos of Cruz leaving the Capitol Grille Restaurant and Hotel on Tuesdays and Thursday’s with women other than Heidi. Breitbart Washington Political editor Matt Boyle decided not to run it as it was too thin as evidence of an affair. The Cruz campaign team has been aware of the pending extra marital affair stories for months.

Washington Times columnist Drew Johnson came clean saying from what he knew at least 2 of the women named as Cruz mistresses by National Enquirer are accurate.

Three women have been identified as media has jumped on this story. They are Katrina Pierson, Sarah Isgur Flores, and Amanda Carpenter. Amanda Carpenter is a writer for Mark Levine and Conservative Review. She is an avid Cruz supporter. Carpenter undertook the project of compiling an enemies list to Donald Trump.

Sarah Isgur Flores was Carly Fiorina’s campaign manager. Katrina Pierson is a spokes woman for Trump. She could have become involved with Cruz to damage or destroy his campaign but this is speculation.

The story continues to grow and it is revealed the Anonymous Hacker Group is involved with the release of this information. They threatened to release information on Cruz’s tryst with a prostitute(s) on Monday 3/21/2016 if he did not leave the race.

Ted, as Greta tweeted on 3/27/2016, if u are going to take the benefits of what your supporting SuperPac does,u should take responsibility for what it does

As Ted and the GOP RNC are learning KARMA is a bitch

Donald Trump 2016 whose biggest sin, according to the Chinese who are upset by all of Trump’s victories and very dismayed in the American political system is that Donald Trump is ABUSIVELY FORTHRIGHT.

Donald Trump for President 2016

Ted Cruz Crimes

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