Busted! Cruz begs for money and offers strange promises for cash

Angel Johnson said: You would have to pay me $1,000,000 not to vote for Trump let alone have to pay someone $35 to not vote for Trump. A vote for Cruz and the TPP means I won’t have a job.

Guy La Mura said: Yes Iam looking at these polls and they are looking up California. Come on people we need 1237 get out and vote, you can’t possible want more of the same. You need to pick up the slack that Wisconsin left us. Sometimes you have to take a chance, I feel good about this. You can’t possible tell me when you watch Cruz there isn’t something not quite right about him, Please think this out. Trump is not perfect and he is not a politician he is a business man and says things from a business point of view which sometimes doesn’t sit right, however he speaks from the heart for the American people. REAGAN wasn’t the best speaker either but turned out to be one of the best speakers of all time. Trump loves this country and we need him now the media is not painting a fair picture of him. California the country is depending on you to help American now we need you. California, do you honestly feel right about the way this country is now or do you want to bring America the Beautiful back again.

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