BUSTED! Fake Trump Accuser Rachel Crooks is LYING According to Family and Friends

The NY Times is in desperation mode, trying to destroy Donald Trump for their “Dear Leader” Hillary Clinton.

They’re creating fake “hit pieces” on Trump, and their hoaxes are falling apart at the seams.

According to friends and family fake Trump accuser, Rachel Crooks is lying.

Her story from 11-years ago, that she told family and friends about when she met Donald Trump does not match the made up story today.

From Got News:

The New York Times’ Trump accuser Rachel Crooks is lying about Donald Trump allegedly kissing her on the mouth without permission, according to a family friend.


Lona Burnstein from Columbus, Ohio, says she knows Crooks’ family. Burnstein’s cousin was married to Crook’s uncle.

Burnstein was commenting on Rachel Crooks’ Facebook profile before it was locked down.

She continued on her own profile, archived here.

Burnstein says Rachel Crooks is a “big baby.”

Donald Trump “was being nice to her and told her he would contact her for a modeling career and he never did… end of story.”


Burnstein says of Crooks: “I remember them talking about her meeting him… and her story today doesn’t match the story she told 11 years ago!! She’s definitely lying!”

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Burnstein says Rachel Crooks is being used and is lying, but “isn’t a bad person.”

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