Busted! Reporters Caught Lying About Arm Grabbing Incident By Trump’s Campaign Manager

So it appears that a reporter for the Washington Post lied. Who would have dreamed that would ever happen?

Breitbart News concludes the incident:

Fields was indeed hurt in the altercation, and published a photograph of her bruises. Yet the available evidence from WPTV and ABC suggests that it was unlikely that Lewandowski was the person who caused her injuries. Given the similarity in appearance between Lewandowski and the security official, and given the fact that Lewandowski was walking on the other side of Trump from where Fields was at the time, the possibility of mistaken identity cannot be ruled out. Indeed, given Lewandowski’s adamant denials (coupled with statements inappropriately impugning Fields’s character), it is the likeliest explanation. In addition, the injury may have been accidental, owing simply to the chaos of the press scrum. A video filmed by a local CBS reporter earlier in the evening shows Fields standing near Trump and the same security official, with no concern or alarm on the part of Trump campaign staff. Fields relied in good faith on Terris’s confirmation, and later assertions, that the person who touched her was Lewandowski. But he cited no other source to prove his claim, neither at the time nor in the Washington Post.

The journalist accosted by Donald Trump’s campaign manager at a press conference has made a criminal complaint against her alleged attacker.

Michelle Fields, a reporter for Breitbart News, filed assault charges against Corey Lewandowski with police in Jupiter, Fla., the Independent Journal reported.

Fields claimed Lewandowski nearly pulled her to the ground at a Tuesday press conference in the Florida city, just after she asked the candidate a question about affirmative action.

Now she has filed assault charges against an innocent man. This woman wants to keep her 15 minutes of fame really bad.

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