BUSTED! Snopes Caught Red-Handed Covering For Obama Administration

We are all aware of Snopes’  bias. Well, they were just caught again, and this time their lies would even be troubling to a liberal.

The Peace Corps awarded $9 million of State Department money to a charity that was founded by John Kerry’s daughter. The Snopes article refuting this was loaded with factual omissions and errors, as per the Daily Caller.

The title of the Snopes piece was “CLAIM: Secretary of State John Kerry ‘funneled’ taxpayer money into his daughter’s global charity.” It was attempting to debunk several claims made in the Daily Caller’s article on the topic.

Except, the Daily Caller article never actually claimed it was John Kerry specifically who funneled the money. They reported that a number of government documents showed the State Department, and not John Kerry, sent the $9 million dollars to Dr. Vanessa Kerry’s charity.

The Snopes piece was reported by David Emery. The only thing he accomplished was making a straw man. It’s pretty easy to debunk a claim that no one ever made. But, it gets worse.

Emery described how the State Department’s Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) provided funds to the Peace Corps, but he omitted a number of crucial facts about John Kerry’s relationship to the money. Kerry was on the committee that held confirmation hearings for Eric Goosby, who was slated to be OGAC chief when the money was to be rewarded to his daughter’s foundation.

Kerry’s daughter actually met with Goosby before the money from his department was sent to her foundation. Dr. Kerry’s father had significant sway over the confirmation hearings and he could have easily blocked Goosby’s appointment had he been so inclined.

The OGAC successor to Goosby was Deborah Birx. While Emery admitted that Birx reported to Kerry when he was Secretary of State, and when the charity received an extension in 2015, Emery also tried to obscure the relationship by claiming that Birx was “appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.”

Emery quoted Dr. Kerry, who said, “My dad has had nothing directly to do with it.” Dr. Kerry also told Public Radio International. “I barely told him about it.” However, the Daily Caller argued these statements appear to be lies.

In actuality, the charity was started in Kerry’s Boston Mansion, and Kerry even boasted during a world AIDS conference in 2014 that it would be the State Department- and not OGAC – that would expand on his daughter’s charitable efforts.

All in all, Snopes also failed to contact the Daily Caller for a statement about this article, which may have led to the Daily Caller correcting Emery on his basic misunderstanding of their argument and the facts of the matter. This all stinks of poor journalism.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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