BUSTED! Woman Who Used Her Disabled Child As A Prop To Bash Trump Supporters, Is A Hillary Clinton Supporter

A Colorado mother of a disabled child recently claimed she was escorted out of a Donald Trump rally in Colorado after the crowd became angry she was leaving the rally after only 20 minutes.

During an interview the woman says she’s not a Hillary or Donald Trump supporter, however her Facebook page says otherwise.

Here you can see Jennifer Mau, along with her two children prominently featured on Facebook directly above her fan page likes, which not surprisingly features Hillary Clinton. (We took screenshots in case she tries to unlike the page and deny it.)

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According to Mau, her and her seven year old disabled daughter were sitting in the disabled section during a Loveland, Colorado rally. Only 20 minutes into the rally, Jennifer and her daughter decided to leave, which is when Mau claims she was harassed by the Trump supporters in the crowd.

Only 20 minutes later Jennifer and her daughter decided to leave the rally, which is when Mau claims she was harassed by the Trump supporters in the crowd.

Mau says upon trying to leave, somebody said, “Why are you leaving?” to which she replied, “Why are you here?”

She further claims that Secret Service came over to escort her out, in which she was supposedly followed by another attendee. However, she has yet to produce any evidence that any of this took place, simply her word.

Apparently we’re also supposed to take her word that she’s not a Hillary Clinton supporter, despite liking only Hillary Clinton’s page on Facebook.

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It appears as if once again Hillary has sent one of her bots over to a Trump rally, along with her disabled child, in order to make a story the media would love to share.

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