California On Track to Let Illegals In On Obamacare

The drawing power of the magnet for illegals is just getting stronger – not being reduced.  

California may soon become the first state in the country to allow illegal aliens the opportunity to purchase a healthcare plan through Obamacare, under a newly proposed bill.  

The bill would allow the state to request permission from the federal government for immigrants to purchase coverage through the Affordable Care Act, supposedly without cost to the state or federal government.   Up to 390,000 (illegal) immigrants who earn an income too high to qualify for Medi-Cal would be able to purchase Obamacare coverage.

Senator Ricardo Lara (D) authored the bill.   “This proposal affirms our commitment to embrace and integrate our immigrant community, to lead where the federal government has failed and to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice of a community that contributes billions of dollars to our GDP,” Lara said in a statement.

Speaking in strong opposition to the bill, Robin Hvidston of “We The People Rising”, said “We oppose that bill because it encourages illegal immigration, and sends a message to the world that if you come to our country, you will be rewarded.

Last year, at a cost of $40 million, the Legislature approved another Lara-sponsored bill that gave public healthcare to about 170,000 illegal children.

(Editor’s note:  They’re learning how to get what they want, one step at a time.)

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