Canadian Intelligence Report: Russia is ‘Mobilizing for War’

Leftists in America have always overstated the colonial aspirations of the U.S. In thinking over the territory the U.S. has expropriated to rule over in the last hundred years the total is, um… none. In fact, our typical response after warfare that traditionally would reward the spoils to the victor is to repair the economy and then to leave the country to its own devices. That was true of Germany and Japan after world war II, Iraq after the Gulf war, and Panama and the Dominican republic after military actions in those countries.

Russia, on the other hand, is lauded by Democrat lefties and socialists as a land of milk and honey where the benefits of socialism have driven the country to virtual bankruptcy. After World War II, Russia took the opposite tack and took over Poland, East Germany, the Baltics and a host of other areas. They emptied the countries out of their industrial production capacity and shipped almost anything that could be unbolted in the way of machinery back to the Soviet Union motherland. Liberals don’t seem to remember that, or don’t care.

Now Russia under Vladimir Putin is becoming more aggressive and appears to be preparing for war. The Lefties will claim it is not so, that western countries are just paranoid and Rusophobic. But the signs are in the air. They have already annexed parts of Ukraine, and are flexing their military muscles over Poland and other former satellite countries. And the Canadians, of all people, are warning us that war with Russia could be in the near future.

The Canadian government is considering a new commitment of hundreds of troops in Eastern Europe as part of an effort to deter Russian aggression in the region, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported on Tuesday.

This follows a report by the Canadian Security Intelligence Services – the Canadian government intelligence agency – based on research by outsiders rather than its own assessment, warning that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hard-line policies were becoming “more deeply entrenched,” as the CBC put it, and that “Moscow is retooling its military for a fight” and possibly “mobilizing for war.”

“It is modernizing conventional military capability on a large scale; the state is mobilizing for war,” the intelligence agency report stated.

The CBC also took note of a report released last winter by the American think tank the Rand Corporation suggesting that the new NATO force would not be capable of stopping invading Russian forces and that Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia could possibly be overrun within a few days unless the West stations “heavily armored brigades” in the Baltic countries. “Even before the contingent is finalized, political leaders in the Baltics have privately complained it is too small, according to published reports in Europe,” the CBC said.

“The prevailing wisdom is that fiscal pain will bring Putin around, but the [Canadian intelligence agency] report dismissed that notion, saying two years after war erupted in Ukraine, the Kremlin ‘appears to be coherent, durable and united’ at the center,” the Canadian broadcaster said. “Western assessments that Russia is vulnerable to economic collapse and disruptive internal discontent are exaggerated,” the intelligence agency report stated.

Polish paramilitary groups are being formed because of the clear threat from Russia and the fear among Poles that Putin will move to put Poland under Russian control once again. The Poles are determined to not let that happen again, and they are working with NATO to put a number of items in place to repulse that possibility.

And NATO war games are being practiced along the eastern border of Poland that is shared with Russia, with Russia responding with snap military exercises on their side of the border. The world is a dangerous place, but the Left only seems to see danger and aggression where the U.S. is concerned, and somehow to ignore the overt and belligerent threats coming from the Russians. We can only hope that the saber rattling coming from Russia is for show, but it could also mean that we will be embroiled in a new global conflict in the very near future.

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