Canadian News Anchor Warns Americans About National Gun Registry

People wondering what expanded gun control in the US will look like need only look to Canada.

Although liberals are eager to point to Canada as some bastion of “common-sense” gun legislation (as opposed to “nonsensical” legislation), a news anchor from our northern neighbor tells a very different story. Addressing American viewers directly, Brian Lilley warns them against accepting government proposals for a national registry for gun owners.

He explains that when Canada first introduced the database, many opposed since it could be used to keep track of and seize law-abiding gun owners’ weapons, but the authorities dismissed these concerns and went through with it anyway.

Sure enough, in spite of all assurances to the contrary, the government eventually began rounding up firearms, leaving thousands of innocent Canadians stripped of their right to defend themselves and helpless before criminals.

As Lilley explains, the motivation for the confiscation of Canadians’ firearms was not rooted in serious or informed thinking but rather in the biases and prejudices of those who simply disliked guns and wanted to be rid of them. This myopic attitude led to semi-automatic rifles being banned just because they looked like AK-47’s, even though said rifles lacked the lethal capabilities of the AK. View Lilley’s warning for yourself in the video below.

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