Carson defends Trump: He didn’t have time to think about abortion question

Ben Carson defended Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Wednesday for his proposal to punish women who get illegal abortions, a position he quickly reversed.

“Well bear in mind, I don’t believe that he was warned that that question was coming, and I don’t think he really had a chance to really think about it,” Carson said in an interview with CNN.

“That happens very frequently, and you know, what you develop with experience is how to answer that in a way that is not definitive,” the former GOP candidate added. “You know how politicians are. He hasn’t really learned that because he’s not a politician.”

Carson, who endorsed Trump after dropping out of the race, went on to say that Trump was later able to come up with a more “informed” answer.

“He has now had time to come back and think about it, and to talk with his people about it, and come up with a more rational and informed type of answer.”

Trump released a statement after the interview saying the abortion provider would be held responsible, not the woman.

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