Cartoon Exposes REAL REASON Obama Stirs the Racial Pot


While Obama, Soros, Hillary, and their ilk are trying to further divide us along racial lines, the people of Dallas are having none of it. After the attack, the city came together in an unexpected way, and it was great.

Matt Palumbo reports that it was a rough night, with a mass shooting targeting police for the first time in our nation’s history.

The cause was clear to anyone following the news. There have been a number of highly publicized incidents of black men being killed by police in the news over the past few days, and this massacre occurred at a Black Lives Matter protest.

Naturally, the idiots over at Think Progress write “Pundits Are Seizing on Dallas Tragedy to Revive ‘War on Cops’ Myth,” and the Huffington Post writes “Don’t Blame Black Lives Matter for the Deaths of Dallas Cops.”

In other words, the people who will someone connect the Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre to Republicans, the NRA, or Christians, are now a bit hesitant to point the finger.

Sure, the shooters explicitly say they wanted to kill cops (also evidenced by the zero civilian casualties), white cops in particular, but apparently that has nothing to do with the radical ideology of BLM. For years BLM has deluded their following into thinking that the police are at war with them. Is it really surprising that some would believe the narrative and eventually fight back?

As they were under fire, police protected BLM protestors. Some were respectful – and some continued to taunt police. If police are at war with blacks, I’m sure BLM is at a loss to explain this act of “generosity.” Or as police call it, doing their job.

The city of Dallas is sending a powerful message to the attackers: they’re backing law enforcement. The following photo of the Dallas Omni Hotel is going viral all over social media this morning:

Here’s the photo from another angle:

A photo posted by Kyle Becker (@knabecker) on

I have to wonder – when people inevitably start saying “Blue Lives Matter” in response to the shooting, will it be the BLM crowd clarifying that “All Lives Matter?” Just a thought.

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