Charlie Rangel: Citizens Don’t Need Gun Protection, They’re “Different” from Politicians

Picture a man who believes that he is better than his peers. A man who believes that he is important enough to warrant special protection but that everyone else should be prohibited from taking even basic steps to protect themselves.

Such a man exists, and his name is Charlie Rangel.

A longtime Congressman from New York, Rangel has agitated on behalf of virtually every left-wing hobby horse since the 1970’s. He is pro-abortion, pro-open borders, and vehemently anti-Second Amendment.

Notice how I didn’t say he is anti-gun. That’s because he isn’t, as he made abundantly clear in an interview with The Daily Caller. Questioned by the outlet about the recent scandal involving well-connected individuals bribing NYPD officials in order to obtain the city’s rarely-granted concealed carry permits, Rangel gloated over how hard it was for New Yorkers to carry firearms within the city.

When his interviewer countered that he and his fellow congressmen were protected by armed police officers, however, the congressman offered this reason for the apparent discrepancy between his politics and his personal situation: politicians like him “need to be protected” because their situation is a “little different” from the average citizen.

Rangel’s clear disregard for the safety of his constituents, to say nothing of his fellow Americans, is disgusting enough, but his position is made all the more reprehensible by his taking solace in the fact that New Yorkers were resorting to bribery for permission to engage in concealed carry shows how hard it is to be a gun owner in the state:

“’We don’t need that many guns,’ he continued. ‘I didn’t know that briberies were involved in getting a gun, and that is wrong, but overall, if it is difficult to get a concealed weapon permit, I’m glad to hear that.’

Like Maryland, California, and the District of Columbia, New York’s firearm permitting approval requires that applicants must provide good cause to carry a firearm.

The laws surrounding New York City’s firearm issuing authority have been criticized in the past for favoring retired police officers or those with the right connections within the police department to get a concealed carry permit.”

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