Chelsea Clinton Got Destroyed By The Woman Her Father Raped

After the first Presidential debate, Chelsea Clinton, spawn of a conniving shrew and a serial sexual predator, came to their defense in an interview with Cosmo. She implied that she’s never known a world where her parents weren’t getting attacked unjustly.

Enter Juanita Broaddrick, a woman that accused Bill Clinton of raping her decades ago and makes the case that he’s still just as dangerous as he was in her day. She took to Twitter to absolutely annihilate the Clintons, and I can’t stop cheering her on.

Here are her tweets:


If you want to hear her story, watch this to know who the person running for office truly is. This is absolutely disturbing:

We cannot allow this wolf to harm another. We have to make sure they’re never spoken about in politics again. Let’s send them both to prison. Who’s with me?!


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