Chicago rapper invites Trump to Chicago to prove you can walk down the street without getting shot, forgets to mention he was just robbed at gunpoint on Saturday… IN CHICAGO!

Trump has been getting a lot of slack over his comments about African Americans being unable to walk down their own neighborhoods without getting shot, despite the fact that just days after making those comments, cousin of NBA star Dwyane Wade was shot and killed walking home pushing a stroller after registering her kids from school. Two thugs involved in the senseless violence have since been arrested.

In an attempt to prove Trumps generalization of black neighborhoods, Grammy- and Oscar-winning rapper Rhymefest extended an invitation to Trump to prove him wrong about the dangers of gang violence ridden Chicago.

CNN reported: 

“I’m inviting Donald Trump to Chicago. I will walk you down a block, Mr. Trump, and I guarantee you won’t get shot,” Rhymefest, whose legal name is Che Smith, said in an interview with CNN’s Carol Costello.

Chicago is in a fragile state. However, it’s not what Donald Trump is saying it is,” Smith said. “I live in a South Side community. I can walk down my block without getting shot. I can walk down many blocks without getting shot. But it is the decades of disinvestment in the community that makes us not able to really come together.”

Ironically, Rhymefest himself was robbed at gunpoint in his own neighborhood on Saturday.

Billboard reports: 

A police report details that an unknown man jumped into Rhymefest’s parked vehicle, pointed a gun at him and demanded his wallet around 7:30 a.m. near the 4300 block of South Cottage Grove Ave., according to the Chicago Tribune.

“To the young brother that put the gun to my head this morning & took my wallet. You don’t know how you just damaged your community,” he tweeted. “It’s 730am. you just put a gun in my face for $3 in my wallet. I defend you against police brutality, I work on your behalf you robbed me.”

“Until our communities have restorative Justice set up, you better make friends with a police officer,” he said.

“You don’t know what you did! And who you did it to. I lived here on the southside because I thought it mattered. I’m reconsidering,” he continued. “You were gonna shoot me in the face for a wallet, I had the power to give you a job! I’m not even mad, I’m f—in’ hurt.”

I feel bad for Rhymefest. He sounds like he is actually trying to do some good for the black community and make a real difference, only to be hit with the reality of what Trump was talking about; many black inner city neighborhoods are not safe, and it’s not because of the police, but because of the blacks that live in those neighborhoods.

Instead of trying to prove Trump wrong about the realities of black on black violence cultivated by the liberal democrat policies that have plagued the black community for decades, activists like Rhymefest need to remain focused on cleaning up their own homes first. Perhaps they can start by voting for Trump, who seems to be the only person on the political stage that has the guts to call it like it is. You cannot fix a problem until you are willing to acknowledge that a problem exists in the first place. Thankfully, Trump is not afraid to do that, despite the criticism and name calling he has to endure as a result.

The truth will set you free Mr. Rhymefest, it’s time you start acknowledging it.

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