Christians Blamed For Shocking Explosion In Target Bathroom – Then The Wild Truth Came Out

When a small explosion damaged a bathroom in the Target store in Evanston, Ill., many jumped to the conclusion that anti-transgender Christians had to be to blame and called the small blast terrorism without a shred of proof.

“A bomb went off in a Target bathroom. The intent was to terrify. That is terrorism. Call it what it is, media. Jesus,” tweeted Nash.

A poster called “Bitter Minority” noted on Sunday, “Look how quickly the world forgot that conservative Christians placed a bomb in a Target bathroom last week attempting to kill trans* folks.”

But the truth was very different.

On Saturday, a Chicago woman was jailed after being charged with setting off the explosion as part of mixing drugs in an attempt to get high.

Heidi E. Schmidt, 44, was charged with aggravated arson and unlawful possession of an explosive or incendiary device.

Police said witnesses told them Schmidt was in the stall where the blast took place. A plastic bottle, believed to be the source of the explosion, was recovered from the stall in addition to “items that are commonly combined in a method to produce a chemical high, but during the mixture process can become volatile and explode,” according to a release.

Police said Schmidt was uninjured.

Police said the blast had nothing to do with Target’s policy on bathroom access.

“There is no factual evidence that was uncovered during this investigation that points toward this incident being related to any policies of the Target store or a hate crime,” the release said.

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