Chuck Norris Just Tore The Cover Off Hillary’s Sinister Secret With A Mega-Roundhouse

Chuck Norris declared that America isn’t ready for Hillary Clinton to be president, and it never should be. In a column for WND on Sunday, the actor and martial artist expressed his sympathy for the victims of the terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., and then accused the Democratic presidential candidate of protecting Islam while trampling the LGBT community.

“Hillary says she can say ‘radical Islam,’ but then she abandons any notion of it when she hits the road and actually implements her true beliefs and actions. Her rhetoric about terrorism and Islam is actually a ruse based upon ignorance. And no wonder – she doesn’t really get it. She never has,” he writes in the column, headlined “Hillary Abandons LGBT in Defense of Islam.”

Norris points to the fact that with Clinton’s support, the Obama administration is on track to issue 1 million green cards from majority-Muslim countries, and that many of these immigrants have extreme views toward homosexuality.

He explains that large numbers of “moderate” Muslims actually share very fundamentalist beliefs but won’t be honest about it. He quotes Fahad Qureshi, an Islamic leader in Norway, who admits that moderates want the death penalty for homosexual behavior.

“Every Muslim believes in these things. Just because they are not telling you about it, or just because they are not out there in the media, doesn’t mean that they don’t believe in them,” Qureshi says, addressing a huge audience who raised their hand in agreement.

Throughout the article Norris cites numerous statistics and polls taken about Muslim communities. He references that  51 percent of U.S. Muslims want Sharia law here and that a higher percentage feel more loyal to Islam than to America. He also mentioned that homosexuality was punishable by death in 10 Muslim countries.

Norris makes the argument that Republican candidate Donald Trump has a grasp on the problem at hand because of his willingness to fight jihadists and protect the LGBT community.

“You might not agree with Donald Trump’s temporary ban on Muslim refugees coming into America until we properly figure out how to vet them all, but at least he’s standing against jihadists and, in so doing, standing up for the LGBT community and not increasing the risks for more Orlando massacres on U.S. soil,” he writes.

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