Chuck Todd completely blown away by Cruz’s inability to answer a simple question

Archie Banks said: Dear Indiana, this is Kentucky calling you out! Trump won Kentucky big time, let’s see if you can do better! 👍 Heck I’m even liking Bobby Knight more! TeamTrump #BBN

Venus Bailey Tignor said: When you lie so much you forget what you said before Cruz is a fraud, a liar, coniver, , bully, a disgrace CPR America. He does not care for America and the people is is party of establishment and we know it. He is a sick sad GOP RNC puppet on the strings. Trump stands true honest strong a leader for America and the people vote vote vote for America. Vote Trump the only one who can beat Hillary end the corruption, clean the hose to Make America Great Again. Trump will build the wall, build a strong military , help our veterans polish the refugee program, Obama care, IRS. Trump will bring jobs back to American. Trump is for the people Trump is for America. Vote vote vote Trump. SHORT TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS. Put Cruz and Kasich out of the race. Let’s get down to Trump VA. Hillary. Trump president of the USA!

Watch the video.

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