CIVIL WAR On The Left: DEMOCRAT Accuses Obama Of Playing The Race Card

Just imagine if Rep. Loretta Sanchez was a Republican and said this. The cries of RACIST! would be deafening.

Suggesting that Barack Obama is only endorsing a candidate because they’re black? The media would be in non-stop race mode until she was shamed out of office.

But California Rep. Loretta Sanchez is a Democrat, so she’s going to get away with this:

In the race for retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer’s seat, Sanchez is running against the state’s attorney general, Kamala Harris – who happens to be black.

Obama has endorsed Harris and Sanchez doesn’t like that one bit. The Hill reports:

Obama praised Harris, a longtime political ally of his, as a “lifelong courtroom prosecutor” who “fights for us.”

But Sanchez on Friday said race may have had something to do with the endorsement.

“I think they have, what he said they have, is a friendship of many years. She is African American, as is he,” Sanchez said in an interview on Univision 19 in Sacramento.

When initially responding to the endorsement, Sanchez accused Obama of being part of the nation’s “entrenched political establishment.”

Harris said that Sanchez’s comments were “disappointing.”

“At a time when there is so much divisive rhetoric flowing through our politics, it’s especially disappointing to see a Democratic member of Congress make those comments,” Juan Rodriguez, Harris’ campaign manager, said of Sanchez’s interview.

Of course, Democrats can only veer off the rails for so long before the political establishment reins them in. Sanchez backpedaled the next day, saying she was only “”stating the fact that the endorsement was based on their long-term political relationship.”

“In no way did I imply or intend to imply that President Obama endorsed Kamala Harris for racial reasons,” Sanchez said in a statement, according to the LA Times.

Two Democrats are facing off for the seat in November because of California’s unusual primary rules. All candidates run together in the same primary, and the top two vote-getters face off in the general election. In deep-blue California, that often means two Democrats move on to the general election.

Harris is already ahead in the polls and in fundraising. Saying anything critical of Barack Obama – especially when it comes to his race – is streng verboten in leftist circles.

She was right, but that doesn’t matter. She can kiss her political future goodbye.

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