Clinton Campaign Claims The UNTHINKABLE… This Might COST Her The Election

The Democratic party’s opposition to control of the U.S. immigration system has led many to believe that the party advocates for open borders. In this tradition, a recent Tweet by an official campaign account suggests that the Clinton campaign actually believes that immigrating to the United States is a right of all people around the world.

The Clinton campaign’s tweet came in response to a recent statement by Trump.

“We want people to come into our country, but they have to come in legally, through a process,” Trump said in a speech in Florida. “No one has a right to immigrate to this country. It is the job of a responsible government to admit only those who expect to succeed and flourish here and really be proud of what they’ve done and where they came from. They have to love our country.” (Emphasis ours)

At first glance, Trump seems to be stating the obvious. A nation’s immigration laws should, first and foremost, benefit those living in that nation.

However, the left’s allergy to anything that remotely suggests enforcing our borders prompted the Clinton campaign’s official Ohio account to tweet out the following:

You disagree?

So preventing people from immigrating to the United States is now a violation of their rights? If the world has the right to immigrate, this would suggest that the United States is morally obligated to throw open its doors to anyone who manages to cross the border.

That’s an open-border policy if we’ve ever heard one.

h/t Washington Examiner

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