Clinton Campaign Forced To Cancel Cleveland Event

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in absolutely shambles, and the latest news out of Ohio will send shivers down the spines of liberals across the country.

Hillary Clinton and Time Kaine, on the second full day of campaigning together, have been forced to cancel an event in Cleveland, Ohio.  The reason for the cancelation is going to frighten many democrats.

“Yesterday, in Johnstown Pennsylvania the Clinton-Kaine rally could only attract a few dozen, heavily vetted/controlled, supporters.   The Clinton-Kaine campaign have kicked off their general election efforts by traveling via buses through Pennsylvania and Ohio.

“Some, given the history of how the Clinton campaign deliver misleading information, may speculate the Cleveland cancellations was due to lack of interest, ie. bad optics.   Perhaps this is a possibility.

“However, there’s a very solid argument to be made that Hillary Clinton is not physically healthy enough for the rigors of general election campaigning.   It is entirely possible the decision to use large buses for travel is more attached to her health condition.”

This news comes as the final nail in the Clinton coffin, as the democratic party waits for the reaper to come whisk them away.

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