Clinton Childhood Friend Breaks Silence With SHOCKING Info…Trump Was Right!

Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media loves to paint Donald Trump as a racist as much as possible. Hillary has been especially vocal about Trump’s alleged racism lately over comments Trump made about a judge involved in the Trump university cases.

However, according to a childhood friend of the Clintons, Hillary has a racism problem of her own and Dolly Kyle just spilled the beans and didn’t hold anything back!

Here is what has been reported…

From WND:

Almost no one knows Bill Clinton better than Dolly Kyle, the ex-president’s former childhood friend, confidante and lover. And in a recent interview with Sean Hannity, Kyle leveled an explosive charge at presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, one which could rock the 2016 presidential election.

Kyle said to Sean Hannity, “Watch the imperious way Hillary treats anyone beneath her, especially young black women.”

Hannity asked if Kyle was accusing the former first lady of racism. Kyle did not back down, repeating the charge and even saying the same could be true of the man she calls “Billy” Clinton.

“I am absolutely suggesting she’s racist,” she said. “And I talk in the book about the racial discrimination lawsuits that were filed against Billy when he was governor that were filed by blacks and by Hispanics. Did you know that at one point he told the Arkansas state police to stop and search every car driven by a Hispanic in the state of Arkansas? And they sued him, took him to federal court, he got reprimanded by a federal judge, and he got so mad about that, he told the state troopers they could stop and search any car they wanted to search.”
Kyle had a longstanding sexual relationship with Clinton both before and after he married Hillary Rodham. The relationship came to an abrupt end however when she says she was threatened by Bill Clinton through her own brother when the media started to get wind of the affair.

“If you cooperate with the media, we will destroy you” was the chilling warning.

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During the interview, Sean Hannity said the pattern of threats and intimidation made against Kyle is “very much consistent of a pattern” when it comes to the Clintons.

“If you listen to Juanita [Broaddrick], if you listen to Kathleen [Willey], if you listen to Paula [Jones], those are names that are well known, but now there’s a whole new generation of people, of millennials who are supporting Bernie Sanders over Hillary in large numbers, who don’t know all of this,” Hannity said.

Kyle’s book, he suggested, is a way for many people to find out the truth about the Clintons’ past. The talk show titan also slammed the mainstream media for its eagerness to smear presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump with false stories even while pretending the Clintons’ have nothing to hide.

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