Clinton Foundation Fails to Disclose 1,100 Foreign Donors

How is the Clinton Foundation not recognized for what it is? It is a money laundering scheme that would be put out of business if not for the Clintons and their partners in crime who run the crooked operation! The Clintons are masters of redirecting attention and blaming others. For those who remember, there was a semen stained blue dress that Hillary blamed on a “vast right wing conspiracy” and the slutty White House intern who took advantage of poor old Bill.

When Hillary was Secretary of State, she made an agreement with the Obama administration to disclose funding sources of the Clinton Foundation as part of an ethics agreement to avoid the perception of impropriety. The foundation then went out and set up a partnership with a Canadian firm, which is quite convenient since Canadian law prevents charities in that country from disclosing their donors without the donors’ permission.

That obviously violates the spirit of the agreement which was set up to avoid conflicts of interest during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department.

The number of undisclosed contributors to the charity, the Canada-based Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, signals a larger zone of secrecy around foundation donors than was previously known.

The Canadian group has received attention in recent days as a potential avenue for anonymous Clinton Foundation donations from foreign business executives, including some who had interests before the U.S. government while Hillary Rodham Clinton was secretary of state.

With the foundation’s finances emerging as an issue for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, a foundation official this week defended the arrangement with the Giustra group, noting in a blog post that Canadian law prevents charities in that country from disclosing their donors without the donors’ permission.

The large number of undisclosed supporters of a Clinton-affiliated charity raises new questions about the foundation’s adherence to the 2008 ethics agreement it struck with the Obama administration, which was designed to avoid conflicts of interest during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department.

Former senator Richard G. Lugar (Ind.), who as the senior Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee quizzed Hillary Clinton during her 2009 confirmation hearings about potential conflicts stemming from foundation fundraising around the world, said Tuesday that he considered such undisclosed donations to violate the spirit of the ethics agreement.

“Clearly, there was an expectation and a commitment that large donations to the Clinton Foundation would be disclosed,” Lugar said via e-mail.

However, the Giustra partnership has been more intertwined with the Clintons’ $2 billion foundation than other independent charities.

According to Canadian tax filings, the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) has spent nearly $30 million in current U.S. dollars since 2007; and nearly $25 million of that spending has gone directly to the Clinton Foundation, a spokeswoman said.

Do not expect this crooked money laundering operation to be exposed by the main stream media. Although the Clinton Foundation board of directors is loaded with convicted felons and assorted criminals, the press seems to find nothing extraordinary about the way the foundation is run or organized. The main job of the media is to cover for and protect the Clintons from substantive questions and uncomfortable revelations about their illegal and unethical activities and arrangements that are designed to enrich themselves and their close friends and allies.

If fact, a charity watchdog group called “Charity Navigator” refuses to evaluate the Clinton Foundation because it is “atypical” of most charitable groups. It is telling, however, that a $2 billion charity only spends between 10% – 15% of its funds on charity itself. The other frustrating thing is that presidential campaigns are not supposed to receive foreign funding, yet the money pouring into the Canadian Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership from foreign sources will inevitably find its way into the pockets of the Clintons, and ultimately into her presidential campaign.

Clearly the favorite charity of the Clinton’s is themselves. The sad fact is that with so many worthy, underfunded charities in the world, so much money is being sent to this phony slush fund for the Clintons, and it could very well allow crooked Hillary to attain the highest office in the land. The scary part will become apparent when she has to start paying off the illegal foreign donors. When that day comes, Hillary will no doubt have yet another patsy to blame for her dishonest, conniving charity scam.

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