Clinton Foundation Internal Audit: We May Have Misled the IRS

It would appear the wheels of the Clinton Foundation are coming off rather quickly. Bill should have listened to everyone when they told him to get the family away from it ASAP!

But, Bill and Hillary could not let go of the cash cow and the more we learn, the more it is being realized the entire foundation was nothing more than a scam.

According to IRS filings and an internal audit, it would now appear the Clintons knowingly misled the IRS, most notably on IRS Form 990, which pertains to conflicts of interest, according to

The problem the Clinton Foundation is now having, is that the internal review revealed some donors thought their donations would result in a “quid pro quo” relationship with Hillary.

The Daily Caller reported, “Some interviewees reported conflicts of those raising funds or donors some of whom may have an expectation of quid pro quo benefits in return for gifts.”

In plain speak, that is pay for play, something Donald Trump and the rest of us have been saying was going on during her entire tenure in office.

As a matter of fact, some of the emails and reports I have seen during this process may have this pay for play actually going on during Bill Clinton’s time as president.

While we may not be able to prove it goes back that far, there is little doubt this is the scam Hillary was running while she was in office.

As we have reported here and numerous other sites have documented, roughly half of the appointments Hillary took while serving as Secretary of State were with big money donors to the foundation.

Charles Ortel, who is a philanthropy expert, told Daily Caller, “This appears to be a case of charity fraud. And nonetheless, afterwards the record shows on changes were made, this charity even went around the world raising even more money.”

In essence, they knew they were misleading the IRS, they knew they were shady, they knew they were providing pay to play services, and they knew they were ripping off their other donors, yet they continued to operate without interruption.

This means Chelsea is also just as guilty as her parents because she took over the Foundation and continues to run it to this day, drawing a salary of almost $1 million annually! Not to mention all the side perks!

These people have to go to jail, period! Just today alone I think I found about 10 different laws they broke… but let’s keep reporting about Donald Trump saying dirty words on the back of a bus!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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