Clinton Foundation Is Getting Subpoenaed

This might be it for potential president Hillary Clinton. A subpoena has been issued by investigators from the State Department to look into foreign donations to the non-profit (and thus tax-exempt) charity that was created by Bill and Hillary Clinton, and which their daughter Chelsea Clinton is a board member.

Investigators are interested in learning whether foreign governments donated money to the Clinton Foundation during a time in which Hillary Clinton was serving as Secretary of State for Barack Obama in exchange for favors that required approval from the State Department.

The Washington Post reports that the subpoena is also demanding records pertaining to Hillary’s chief aid Huma Abedin. Abedin is believed to have been simultaneously employed at the State Department, the Clinton Foundation, Clinton’s personal office, and a private consulting firm with ties to the Clintons.

If you are unfamiliar with Huma Abedin, here is a brief reminder.

She is Hillary Clinton’s right hand woman, and has been given a security clearance even though her close family members are believed to be members of the Islamic extremist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. When then House of Representatives member Michell Bachman asked if Abedin had been properly vetted for the security clearance, she had been labeled as Islamophic and racist.

Abedin is also the wife of disgraced Senator Anthoney Weiner who was caught in a sexting scandal, stepped down from office in Congress, ran for mayor of New York, was caught in a sexting scandal again, and lost his bid for mayor. Perhaps Abedin and Clinton find a commonality in the fact that they are both married to, and support, men who cannot keep it in their pants.

Investigators are limited in specifically what they can and cannot subpoena. For example, they cannot subpoena the source of the investigation itself, meaning neither Abedin nor any of the Clintons should find themselves in the position where they will be called to testify about the matter. This should be a relief to Hillary Clinton who, right before she was set to testify about Benghazi in 2012, “fell” and suffered a concussion that took her 6 months to recover from.

Because investigators will not be calling Ms. Clinton in to testify about this matter, it means that the former First Lady and possible next president will stay safe because she won’t have to invent any injuries to delay testifying. I mean, won’t have to suffer from any unfortunate one in a million injuries like falling down that leave her disabled to such a degree that she cannot testify on the State Department’s involvement over an incident that left four Americans dead.

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