Clinton Gets Devastating News Just After Learning She Won the Dem Nomination

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her media surrogates were quick to celebrate the historic nature of her effective clinching of the Democrat Party’s nomination after her victories Tuesday in California and New Jersey put her over the top for delegates she needed.

They may want to temper their enthusiasm though, as her great “victory” seems rather hollow, particularly since her main opponent, who by all accounts should have been brushed to the side early on, still remains in the fight until the convention.

Also, as The Gateway Pundit noted, Hillary only secured enough delegates to clinch the Democrat nomination after winning California — IF the unaccountable and establishment-rigged superdelegates are added into her total.

Furthermore, while Hillary may have accumulated roughly 15.9 million primary votes in 2016, that vote total is actually about 1.6 million votes LESS than she garnered in 2008, the year ishe lost to eventual nominee and President Barack Obama.

In 2008, Hillary won about 17.5 million votes out of more than 35 million total votes cast in the Democrat primary.

By way of comparison, the total number of votes cast in the 2016 Democrat primary was just over 28 million, more than 7 million votes fewer.

Making this news even more devastating for Hillary and her sycophants is that while vote totals and enthusiasm for Democrats are significantly down this year, Republican vote totals and the total number of votes received by presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump set all-time records.

It is becoming ever more clear which direction this nation is headed now, and it isn’t towards four to eight more years of Democrat control in the White House, particularly with Hillary being that Democrat carrying on Obama’s destructive agenda.

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