Clinton Insider: Dems to Commit Massive Election Fraud

The polls are rigged to support fraud, he says

Democratic operatives will commit election fraud on a national scale using every available means, says former Clinton insider Larry Nichols.

“They always set up people who will fall on their sword for them,” said Nichols on The Alex Jones Show Wednesday. “They are the machine behind the Clintons.”

Nichols claimed that the polls are grossly distorted by the media because they will make stealing the election appear less suspicious.

“They’re showing you there’s going to be massive voter fraud, and it’s the way they’re lying about the polls,” Nichols said. “They’re showing Hillary way up in the polls, and the reason they’re doing that is to justify when the actual election is run.”

“The polls are rigged.”

“Do not believe them,” he warned. “If they were showing that they’re dead-even, and then all of a sudden she wins by eleven points, people are going to be suspect.”

Nichols elaborated on how Hillary’s Democrat minions stack the deck in their favor by rounding up anybody they can find with buses and vans and then dumping them at the polls where they can vote multiple times.

“Just think, going from precinct to precinct in inner cities, bringing 100 people in, and each one them votes 4 or 5 times,” Nichols said. “Think about the massive number of votes that will accumulate.”

Nichols called for veterans to patrol voting stations in the inner cities for fraud because catching the Democrat swindlers in real-time is the only way to fight back.

“It’s not hard to spot,” he pointed out. “You’ll see vans come up, you’ll see buses come up and you’ll see the same people going in and out of the precinct over and over.”

“When you see it, in that moment take a picture or two and then call me. I’ll get the word out instantly. We’ve got to catch them in real-time.”

Nichols’ claims of election fraud aren’t all that farfetched given the explosive new Project Veritas footage of top Democrat operatives caught on hidden cam discussing how they’ve been committing election fraud for the last fifty years.

Nichols even pointed out that the Clintons’ attempt to steal the election shouldn’t come as a surprise given that they’ve stolen thousands of dollars of items from the White House which they paid an $86,000 fine for, with Hillary even stealing furniture from the State Department before stepping down as Secretary of State.

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