Clinton Intern Exposes SICK Thing Bill Keeps On Top Floor of His Library – Hillary Is FURIOUS!

You can’t change the spots on a leopard, Bill Clinton is proof of that!

A story just broke in the New York Post that our former President is keeping a private penthouse at the top of his library in Little Rock that is more like a strip club than it is a dwelling.

One intern says Bill “often invites girls like me who work at the library to his apartment for a glass of red wine and massage.”

She continued, “He likes his neck and shoulders massaged because he gets knots in his muscles…That makes him really happy.”

Also revealed in the report was Bill’s displeasure about Hillary’s Snapchat joke.

You remember that one, right?

When she said she loves Snapchat because all of messages disappear by themselves?

After reading the full report, it appears as though two things are still very true about Bill Clinton.

First, his political savvy and awareness are still very much intact.

Second, he is still a sex predator.

Bill is clearly the brains behind the Hillary campaign, but even old Bill on his best day is not capable of covering up Hillary’s mistakes and scandals.

The former President is also incapable of satisfying his sexual urges, even though he looks like he might have already placed one foot in the grave.

This story no doubt will be all over the Internet over the next few days, just in time for the next presidential debate!

Trump laid low on Bill’s indiscretions during round one, but I don’t see how he can do that this time around.

It not only speaks to Bill, but also Hillary’s very bad judgement and disrespect for women.

Mr. Trump, in my opinion, even if Chelsea in in the audience, it is time to drop this bomb square in Hillary’s lap.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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